Career Development Series (CDS)

As the leading class series in NHC, CDS has already helped hundreds of attendee including graduate students and employers. Within one months of class, you will get these benefits:

  • Networking Lecture: We will invite experienced professionals and managers of financial industry to share their career path and job hunting skills.
  • Resume Critique: We have lots of mentors will help you know better about your advantages as well as disadvantages which need improvement through critiquing resumes.
  • Mock Interview: We will provide twice mock interview and give you idea about interview process and skills.

All selected attendee will have chance to attend below three lectures:

  • CPA preparation:  For those who are pursing accounting career
  • CFA pass: For those who is preparing for test and asking for exam guide
  • Excel-VBA guide: For those who want to learn financial modelling and quantitative analysis

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