Thank you letter from Stephanie Wang

By September 23, 2018 No Comments

Several months ago, I was a Master of Finance Student at Schulich. I had interest primarily in market risk, but I had limited knowledge of the field. This was a challenge for me, as my lack of knowledge about the subject reduced my opportunities for entry market risk positions. It was also hard to make connections by myself with other young professionals working on market risk teams in the top Canadian banks.

Joining NHC, however, solved the prior issues I had. NHC provided different events that provided information about market risk. Firstly, NHC-organized networking events allowed me to meet knowledgeable professionals in the market risk industry. Not only did this improve my connections, but I also learnt useful knowledge that could not be learnt from a textbook, such as how market risk teams operate within the different banks. In addition, I attended the Risk Salon organized by NHC. These sessions taught me hot and current topics in the risk industry, such as FRTB (Fundamental Review of Trading Book). This was beneficial for my future interviews at several banks, as it illustrated my passion and interest for the field. Lastly, there were also CDS classes that provided resume and interview preparation. They helped me improve my resume by highlighting skills that were important to market risk managers. The interview preparation was also very useful as it allowed me to be aware of common risk management interview questions. The CDS classes were very well-organized and efficient, thanks to the knowledgeable NHC facilitators who ensured that the classes ran smoothly.

All the networking events, Risk Salon, and CDS classes helped me improve my confidence and increase my knowledge of market risk. Shortly after finishing the CDS classes, I achieve my intended goal of working in market risk by joining CIBC Capital Markets Risk Management as a Quantitative Analyst. I am indebted to NHC and its volunteers, as it provided all the help I needed to get my foot in the industry. Lastly, a big thank you to Echo, Alan, Muse, Linna, Lily, Dimitri, and all the invaluable NHC members and volunteers. The kindness and helpfulness of the NHC community has encouraged me to become an active, contributing NHC member, so that we may all help one another in achieving our dreams.

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